Calling to all weddings, calling to all weddings! Excited? Well, so is Positive Party DJs, LLC! Getting ready for that special day in Acadiana? We are here to relieve your worries about your entertainment. With Wedding packages starting at $789, We will use the positive music you love to entrap memories and inspire good times. Here, we aim to capture the essence of your wedding, making a great day even greater.

We have up-to-date music and quality sounds. We have the latest hits, oldies, Hip-Hop, and classic throwbacks. The great thing about us is that we let you choose the positive music you want to play, we just fill in the blanks. We take music requests too! If you want people who care about what you want and to be treated like the boss then you've come to the right place!

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Join the Clean Music Movement

Are you afraid of offending your guests with inappropriate music? Well, that is not a problem at an event with Positive Party DJs. We believe in the power of music and are devoted to clean and appropriate music. Positive Party DJs is a multi-op DJ company that will not only rise above your expectations as an MC and DJ, but they go beyond the DJ booth to create an exciting, unique, age, and content appropriate experience- finely tailored with you in mind for your special event.

Weddings are the start of a new adventure. we're just here for the ride.

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Tyrone from Positive Party DJs was reliable, a people person, professional and did a great job for my wedding!

-Alanna Williams

Weddings are TBuf's favorite!

Couple my love for music and my love for my wife and you will “get” why weddings are so special to me and why I specialize in helping others with their most special day.

Picture a beautiful blonde on the dance floor at Randol’s Restaurant and Dancehall. I spotted her as the music moved me towards her. We shared a dance. Being my normal confident self, I felt I was most charming as we swayed and chatted during that one lone dance.

And then she was gone like Cinderella had left the ball.

Now picture months ahead….. Some may call it happenstance or luck, but I call it “God’s Divine Purpose.” The beautiful blonde and I should meet again on the dancefloor while both pursuing expertise in ballroom dancing class. This time I made certain to leave a lasting impression. She thought I was funny as I joked and made light of our “not so light” steps. I knew I wanted to see her again and I knew I would not allow her to run off this time, so I had to make my move. I invited her to a party in my home I was hosting. In my eyes, she waltzed in and held such grace and beauty… I remember it well. I was undoubtedly smitten.

And then she dropped the bomb. She announced in front of a crowded room of people, “I would never date a Catholic!”

Wonderful… The “friend zone” begins.

And so it remained for over 5 years… “Friends.” Long talks, phone chats, spending time together, growing together as friends. Neither of us realized our romantic attachment until she went on a trip for what seemed like years. We both realized just how much we missed each other and decided to give “more than friendship” a chance. Turned out, we were a great fit in the sense that we equal each other out. The Yin and the Yang. I’d lived my life with my head in my dreams and aspirations, surrounded by the artistry of music and words, while she was more grounded and settled, more down to earth. But with one another we found “balance.” There was no question in my mind we belonged together!

A year later, despite how nervous I was, I asked for her to be my bride. With our faith in God and our solid belief marriage is a forever commitment, she made my life when she said that one magical word… “YES!”

Our relationship has always felt easy and relaxed and now that we have been husband and wife for almost two years, I feel like I fall in love over and over. Many may say it is because our marriage is new, but I would say it is more because we were friends long before we ever decided to cross the line into romance. Some people may think they married their best friend… but I KNOW I married mine!

That’s why weddings are our favorite

We just want you to know that we know just how important weddings are. The need to make them perfect and we're here to help make that happen.

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Positive Party DJs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you come up with the song list for an event?

We are a part of the clean music movement so we don't play songs with cursing or explicit lyrics. Other than that, you are in control of the music. You will have access to your personalized online planner page on our website so you can create a list of songs that must be played and even songs you don’t want to be heard. We can either create a playlist based on the songs you chose or only play the songs you want.

How do you get the crowd pumped?

We are experienced in many methods of inviting everyone to the dance floor including playing time-tested hit songs and even starting the dancing ourselves. We are skilled at reading the crowd and keeping the energy high through the use of a wide range of approved genres. To see our DJ's music demos and performance videos click here.

How do you handle song requests?

Should you allow guests to request songs, we can provide you with a link to pass along to them. Your guests can pick songs before your event and you can approve them. During your event, we have a DJ assistant who can field requests for the DJ to play them at the appropriate time.

We love to be transparent. For more answers, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or use the request information form below.


I had a fantastic experience with Tyrone and Kayla! I needed a DJ last minute for my wedding, and after getting recommendations, I hired him! He did a wonderful job, great music choices, and my guest enjoyed interacting with him! I would highly recommend his services. Great personality, and a sweet team to work with!

-Michelle O.