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Updated: July 2019

Menswear & Tux

Suit Up - Menswear & Tux Rental (Lafayette, LA)

I used Suit Up for my wedding and they gave us amazing service. They are a unique shopping experience which offers affordable clothing, professional fitting, in-house alteration service, tuxedo rental and personal service you would only expect from an upscale retailer.

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Exclusive Positive Party DJs Deal(s): In Negotiations


Ben & Bess Fulmer - Piano & Guitar Duet (Lafayette, LA)


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Exclusive Positive Party DJs Deal(s): In Negotiations

Joel Martinez - Violinist (Baton Rouge, LA)


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Photo Booth

Ohh Snap! Photo Booth (Lafayette, LA)

No bulky box, or makeshift pole and a camera here! We have a compact and beautiful version of the modern-day photo booth. Our setup is designed with a simplistic elegance to compliment the look and feel of your event, party or wedding.

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Exclusive Positive Party DJs Deal(s): $50 OFF any package selected


Janeen Elaine Photography (Lafayette, LA)

My wife and I hired Janeen for our wedding and she did such an amazing job that we hire her for other events as well. They start with your wedding, continue through your maternity, the arrival of your new baby, throughout their growth continuing to their graduation and wedding. Portraiture you will cherish the moment for a lifetime. Acadiana's #1 award-winning photographer of the year.

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Exclusive Positive Party DJs Deal(s): While there is no exclusive deal as of today, Janeen offers amazing value, professionalism, and expertise.

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