Core Entertainment Package

$499.00 $449.00

Responsive Management Team

An Experienced Interactive DJ

Inclusive Audio Equipment & DJ Booth

300,000+ Clean Music Selection

At Least 15 hours of preparation

Up to 4.5 Hours of entertainment at your event (30 Mins for Guest arrival)

You need the proper subscription plan to be able to purchase this product.


Responsive Management Team –

-An Experienced Interactive DJ – With a combined 8 years of experience, we believe in actively engaging with your guest to ensure everyone has a great time. We know all the line dances and popular dances and we are not afraid to get the dance floor started ourselves if need be.

-Inclusive Audio Equipment & DJ Booth – We transport all equipment needed to entertain your guest including the DJ Booth, speakers, mic, mixers, and DJ controller/turntables.

-300,000+ Clean Music Selection – We use our paid subscriptions to the largest and most advanced music services of every genre from the 70s to the latest releases including exclusive remixes and party mixes. We spend countless hours fine-tuning our large library of 300,000+ to ensure we have the best song selections for your event. Our only limiting criteria is the fact that we play clean music free of explicit lyrics.

-At Least 15 hours of preparation – Our DJs spend countless hours preparing the music you selected, practicing and improving their skills in order to be fully prepared for your event.

-Up to 4.5 Hours of entertainment at your event. Unless otherwise instructed, the DJ will be set up and prepared to play 30 minutes before your event starts so that the guests arriving early can be entertained. This time is including in the hours of entertainment listed above.

-The DJ will arrive at least 1.5 hours before your event giving the DJ one hour to set up.

-The grand total will include a Travel Fee & Service Tax

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