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Are you afraid of offending your guest with inappropriate music? Well, that is not a problem at an event with Postive Party DJs. We believe in the power of music and is devoted to clean and appropriate music.  Positive Party DJs is a multi-op DJ company that will not only rise above your expectations as an MC and DJ, but they go beyond the DJ booth to create an exciting, unique, age, and content appropriate experience- finely tailored with you in mind for your special event.

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They were great! Our DJ, DJ TBuf, played exactly what I wanted to hear by request unlike some DJ's who play what they think is best for the situation.Also, DJ TBuf gave us some extraordinary options for an event planner and had many vendor choices that he works with to help put out wedding together. This guy is more than a DJ service; he's peace of mind and miracle worker all in one. Forever thankful. Thanks DJ TBuf!

-Bryson Newhouse

Our Approach

Our management team, DJs, and MCs take the back seat to your special event; it's all about you. From behind the scenes, we ensure your event goes smoothly but the party goes wild. We are your family entertainment solution by continuing to improve our skills and partnering with trusted vendors to provide any entertainment solution you need. We improve our public speaking skills through organizations such as Toastmasters International. Our DJs continuously improve their skills with DJ training organizations such as Digital DJ Tips, DJ TLM TV, & DJ Angelo Scratch Tutorial Series.

Hire your DJ backed by your Management Team

Do you want peace of mind at your event? Our management team works for you and is dedicated to the success of your event throughout the planning process by ensuring your DJ and entertainment vendors are prepared with your instructions to exceed all expectations at your event.

Meet Your Disc Jockeys & MCs

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Founder, Lead Disc Jockey

Tyrone Bufkin, better known as DJ TBuf, is a natural born entrepreneur. Tyrone began working at age 15 and within a few months found an entrepreneurial stream of income intuitively. Tyrone continuously studies business, sales, and music. Tyrone Bufkin nurtured a passion for music as a teenager beginning with playing guitar. Tyrone has been DJing since 2012 and turned an awesome hobby into the business you see today.

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Master of Ceremony

Positive Party DJs is looking for MC's who infectiously energetic, knows how to put the client first, and loves clean music. As an MC with our team, we expect a commitment to personal growth, communication skills and education, and YOUR MC Career. You would become integral to the growth of the company which would include sales, marketing, and innovation.

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Disc Jockey

Positive Party DJs is looking for DJ's who truly believes in our clean music movement, knows how to put the client first, and loves music. As a DJ with our team, we expect a commitment to personal growth, DJ skill, and education, and YOUR DJ Career. You would become integral to the growth of the company which would include sales, marketing, and innovation.

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DJ T-BUF was very professional and reliable. He was able to deliver all the music that I requested to make for a great graduation party! It wouldn't have been a party without DJ T-BUF! I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great person to take your event to the next level!

-Alanna Williams

Positive Party DJs


Tyrone did an incredible job and made everything upbeat.His wife Kayla was very sweet, helpful, and quite the party starter.. Loved meeting them both as did everyone else. Tyrone was very in tune to all I had requested for music and more.. Pleasure meeting you both hope to see you both again and have some great music

-Stacy Oconnell

Frequently Asked Questions

We love to be transparent. If you can't find the answer to your question here please contact us for an immediate response.

What is the Clean Music Movement?

The Clean Music Movement simply means play family-friendly music. That doesn't just mean we play the edited versions of the song, it means we don't play inappropriate songs at all. Check out our permanent Do Not Play List, Grey Area List, and Typically Played list.

Is this your full-time job?

The short answer is yes. We take your special event seriously. Our management team and your selected DJ will spend over 15 - 25 hours of preparation for your event to ensure everything goes according to plan.

How do you come up with the song list for an event?

We are a part of the clean music movement so we don't play songs with cursing or explicit lyrics. Other than that, you are in control of the music. You will have access to your personalized online planner page on our website so you can create a list of songs the must be played and even songs you don’t want to be heard. We can either create a playlist based on the songs you chose or only play the songs you want.

How do you get the crowd pumped?

We are experienced in many methods of inviting everyone to the dance floor including playing time-tested hit songs and even starting the dancing ourselves. We are skilled at reading the crowd and keeping the energy high by the use of a wide range of approved genres. To see our DJ's music demos and performance videos click here.

How do you handle song requests?

Should you allow guests to request songs, we can provide you with a link to pass along to them. Your guests can pick songs before your event and you can approve them. During your event, we have a DJ assistant who can field requests for the DJ to play them at the appropriate time.

Can I hear some examples of mixing and blending different tracks?

We hate the awkward silences even more than you do. We enjoy blending songs together seamlessly in order to keep the energy high. Check out our music demos and videos on our DJs profile pages.

What sound equipment do you utilize? Do you have backup equipment?

We use the best in audio equipment so you hear every word nice, crisp, and at the perfect volume. We test every piece of equipment before every performance, set up early and conduct a sound test, and bring backup equipment just in case.

Have you played at our chosen wedding venue before? If not, can you make a site visit beforehand?

We have performed at most venues in Acadiana, Baton Rouge, New Orleans & the surrounding areas but if we have not performed at your venue we set up a site visit at least a few weeks before your event. We also develop a professional relationship with the owners/managers of the venues to be sure we comply with any rules or regulations they may have. Lastly, we go over the layout of the venue with you during our last meeting to ensure audio perfection.

Do we have our choice of DJ and/or Musicians to select from, or is one automatically assigned to us depending on date availability? What happens in the case of an emergency?

We have multiple DJs that you can choose for your event. We can also contract out some of the other best performers in the state that perform who uphold our high standard. We are in the process of hiring more DJs and wedding bands now so we will soon have even more options for you. This event is about you and we will do whatever it takes to make it unforgettable.

What other services do you offer?

We offer more inclusive services in our packages than most other entertainment companies. We also affiliate ourselves with the best in the business so what we can get you everything you need. 

Why should I choose you for my event?

We put you, the client, first. Our only mission is to go above your expectations & beyond the DJ booth to create an exciting, unique, and conscientious musical experience fine tailored for your special event.

What Happens Next_

Tyrone was fantastic from start to finish! The guest really enjoyed the music and the kids loved dancing to all of the great songs. The PA system was extremely helpful for our graduation presentation. It was a great night and DJ TBuf made our celebration such a wonderful evening. Thanks so much Tyrone!

-Chuck Roth